Melbourne Routes

The Best Road Cycling Routes in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the most rideable cities in the world.

Livelo has mapped out a selection of the best road riding routes, with options to suit a wide variety of riders and riding opportunities. 



 Bike Routes Melbourne Livelo CBD to Mordialloc


Melbourne's iconic ride takes you out of the CBD to the coastal townships of  St. Kilda, Brighton, Black Rock and on to Mordialloc. While it may be tempting to continue down the coast to Arthurs Seat and Portsea, Mordi' makes for a nice turning point if your looking for a 2-3 hour ride.

This is the most popular cycling route in Australia, with hundreds of cyclists out nearly every morning. This makes it easy to get onto a passing bunch. Its popularity works as an advantage with vehicles/traffic, as many commuters know there will be a number of riders on any given day along this route. This provides security for the riders, and has also prompted the councils to invoke a no-parking initiative for the weekend mornings 'til noon to help with the amount of cycle traffic up and down the coast.

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CITY TO ALBERT PARK (9.3mi / 15km + circuits)

Bike Routes Melbourne Livelo Melbourne City to Albert Park and Return

It isn't everyday you get to ride on a Grand Prix circuit, so you absolutely have to make the most of an opportunity to take a lap (or 3) of Melbourne’s Albert Park Grand Prix circuit. The park is a short ride from the city. We recommend riding anti-clockwise if you are facing back to the city. This provides more of a shoulder and easy access through any of the small auxiliary roads entering the circuit. Albert park is an open road so you will be sharing with other road users, but has not prevented it from become a must ride for the local biking community, particular mid week and early morning. See you there at 6am for 4 fast ones!

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